REP_Greg-DrakeGreg has been recognized as being one of the Top Real Estate Agents in the Denver Metro area since 2003. He has received numerous awards for his “5 Star” customer satisfaction ratings which he directly contributes to his philosophy of creating “Clients for Life”. Greg’s philosophy drives him to get behind why a client is looking to buy or sell to truly understand their ultimate goals and how real estate fits into those goals. Greg digs deeper to find out how he can be of value to a client. After he knows how he can be of value, Greg brings the full force of his expertise to help his clients achieve their goals in an ever changing real estate market.

Greg’s unique background as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an MBA uniquely qualifies him to provide advice regarding negotiations, analyzing market data and the financial implications of a transaction, as well as ensuring his clients obtain the best terms possible when negotiating a contract. Greg prides himself on finding ways to provide exceptional value to his clients along with outstanding client service. Greg is the Broker, Owner of Realty Professionals, LLC and provides a superior level of informed and professional residential real estate services to buyers and sellers in the Denver metro area.

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